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Dear Visitors, welcome on my Music Website. My Artistname for the English Versions of my Songs is Hubert-H.


I´m writing and composing my own Songs. I´m also singing, playing all Instruments and producing the Records. It comes all from one Hand (exatcly from two Hands).


If you click on the Cover Images you can hear my songs on my Youtube Channel. Here you can find me on Instagram.


You can buy all my Songs as mp3 files on nearly all Download Portals, as for example iTunes, Deezer, Qobuz, Spotify, Tidal....... to name only some of them.


The second part of Cover Images is of the Compilations, where my Songs are together with many other Artists. Here you can also buy my Songs.


I wish you much Fun, listening to my handmade Music. You can write me on my Guestbook, if you like. I would be pleased to read your messages and I will of course answer your Questions.


All the best Wishes your



for more go to https://linktr.ee/Hubert12



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